Upcoming Events


Performances/Engagements Awards
Bistro 211 The Tor House
Daniel’s Garden Bistro Embassy Suites
The Monterey Bay Aquarium Mission Ranch
Whole Foods Cypress Inn
Hoffman’s Bakery in Santa Cruz The Concourse D’Elegance
The Jazz and Blues Company Ol’Factory Café
Del Monte Shopping Center Forge in the Forest
Monterey Jazz Festival County High School All-Star Band Chartwell School
Monterey Blues Festival Paradise Valley Jazz Festival
Monterey Cowboy Festival Big Sur River Inn
Monterey Museum of Art Mission Ranch
Lugano’s Gallery North
Monterey Jazz Festival Student Musician of the Year (Bill Jackson Award)
Stanford Jazz Workshop, Outstanding Musician Award, 2006
Reno Jazz Festival, Outstanding Musician Award, 2006 and 2007
Central Coast Section Jazz Band, Outstanding Soloist Award, 2005, 2006, 2007
Carmel High School Outstanding Achievement in Jazz Ensemble, 2006, 2007
Youth Music Monterey Outstanding Musician Award, 2007